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My bow wow likes popcorn

My bow wow likes popcorn

Back home

Back home

I am going home tomorrow.

No words could account for the excitement I am feeling right now.

That, and I am making stuffed peppers for tea.

I feel pretty darn good I’ll tell you that for free.

Lipsync for your life. #rupaul #dragrace #celinedion #allbymyself #lonelygirlsinging


why say nip slip when peek-a-boob is so much better

Help me from the freezing sheets, the sleepless nights and the overwhelming urge to hurt.


What annoys me, about myself is that I cannot identify myself. By this I mean my sexuality and me. I have dated men and women, and always thought of myself as Bisexual. I understand aswell that sexuality resembles a fluid state and that these things can change throughout life. But it confuses me.

Maybe its me, maybe its the way i’ve been brought up and the society that we live in but its just something. That need to fit in a box. :/ it hurts and confuses me so much

I truly know that I love my girlfriend but there is a sense since being so comfortable with her that she’s the one, but also that I like women more if you get me? 

Does anyone else get this feeling?


This is actually fantastic


I wish

The only bad thing about Collision Course

is that everytime I hear the EP I always want to be in a club, screaming the lyrics out to the crowd with a drink and my friends at the side of me.

Just got Collision Course I, II & III and now need a stiff drink and an active environment.

I never confess myself so much to my girlfriend as I should. I sometimes want to so much but its a case of I might seem strange or look weird or just look wrong. I know as well that I shouldn’t feel like this but due to past relationships I do. There’s nothing more upsetting than not being able to open up to her. Its little things like how I knew her fear of telling everyone when she was coming out, that I wanted to help her but I didn’t know how. I was, at the time, in England when she was in ireland and it hurt. Her family and friends were fine about it but it was just not knowing.




I am never going to get over the fact that this guy directed “Thor”.


Did he though, or did he just obliviate the actual director and stick his name on the credits?




She gave me milky way instead of twix or malteser. Mean person

She gave me milky way instead of twix or malteser. Mean person